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Digitalaoban is written by me, Mehdi BEDADI and I am based in Shanghai, China.

I’ve worked previously in energy, automotive, advertising, retail and currently in Nutrition and Health, where I focus on digital transformation with a track record of increase profitability and drive efficiency, bridging the gap between digital capabilities and getting a data driven first mindset.

Since 2015 I started my business angels activities. Today I funded over 40+ projects and got few success in LegalTech and HRTech. With a focus on Software as a Service in B2B (HRtech, LegalTech, FinTech etc..) and keep watching open source technology and their potential for commercialization. In 2019 I started a Business Angel syndicate: Seed-Smart. I also released a practical guide about how to get into angel investment (available on Amazon) by yourself.

I have been writing Digitalaoban since 2020.


I occasionally agree to speaking engagements for both public and private events, I cover on Digitalaoban. Compensation will vary based on the nature of the customer and event, as well as the topic. I do not do any consulting at this time. You can refer to the press page for some of my previous public intervention.

Ideal topics are in-line with the topics covered here on Digitalaoban, although tailored topics can be negotiated.

Please contact me to learn more.

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To contact me, please email me directly. I make every effort to respond to members, and all others as time allows. It may take me a few days. All media requests require at least 48 hours lead time, and I often decline. If your request is urgent, please feel free to send a follow-up email. You can follow us on Linkedin.

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