Develop 10x faster, 10x cheaper with Cross-Platform Tech

Develop 10x faster, 10x cheaper with Cross-Platform Tech


Every business tries to get a mobile app in order to increase brand visibility and earn a large return on their investment. It is already established. The most popular platform in the world is Android and iOS, which implies that launching a business application on both platforms is often the best alternative. China does have its specific with Wechat and its ecosystem. But, what if you don’t have a lot of money and need to develop your app in a hurry?

You can create cross-platform mobile apps that are almost as good as native apps. This is done by creating cross-platform mobile apps that use a cost-savings approach. They may be created with very little work and the same code will run on both platforms. This is not the case with native apps.

Why go for Cross-Platform Mobile App development when native apps give higher performance?

Basically you develop your code once and you are good to go for web, mobile, or tablet. You can launch faster and spend less, let mne explain how.

Developers adore building apps on these platforms since they provide code reusability and reduce potential bug correction.

Smaller Footprint: Using a reductionist style, you may develop cross-platform apps without having to invest in different tools and technologies for native and hybrid app development.

Reduced Time: When compared to native apps, cross-platform app development takes less time to launch the program on both platforms at once.

Faster Updates: It allows developers to quickly deploy any new changes by just one line of code to all platforms, but it is not applicable in the case of native app development.

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What are the finest tools for cross-platform app development?

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework that allows developers to create Android and iOS apps with similar performance as native applications. It’s built on the Facebook javascript library and is used for developing user interfaces.

Xamarin lets you use C# and .net libraries to help you develop mobile apps quickly. If you know C# and C++, you’ll be able to develop apps even more quickly. Plus, the code can be reused across most platforms. Xamarin makes use of API’s and UI controls that are used by Android and iOS.

Flutter: Flutter wraps a web view of native apps and builds an application-like website with cross-platform abstraction over them. Developed by Google and very trendy nowadays


Despite the debates among the developers community about what is the right way to code or which technology “is the best” (very subjective) as a business owner if your company is not among the top tech company, and you are not trying to launch a high-end mobile gaming product then you don’t need to fight to get the best developers on the market as they are scarce resources.

You can adapt your business goals by choosing the right technology.

You can run initiatives faster that will support your digital strategy, find the right talents and optimize your resources.

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