Digital Transformation is about Data and Culture

Digital Transformation is about Data and Culture

I had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at the opening of the 2nd B2B Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2021 in held in Shanghai last November 29, 2021.

I wanted to reflect on what I observed over the last 14 years of experience as an Information Technology professional but also all my exchanges with CEOs, General Managers from startups, SMBs and corporate and keeping a global overview for a business owner to start building his strategy and not being drawn into the technology details or the emergence of those new business models around digital platforms and marketplaces.

The fact that so much ERPs projects is still a pain for so many companies in the world highlight the fact that a digital project, no matter the tool, the industry, the function tend to underestimate the Change Management aspect of a project.

Things which is great is I was able to observe successful case where an organization after successful transformative initiative can empower employees.

Of course, this always comes at a price, such as the rise of Shadow IT for instance which need to be supervised and integrated but its also a source of innovation! I saw employees using robotic automation for repetitive tasks and coming up with a plan all by themselves, or even using innovative script to handle days of workload to handle a high volume of document management into few hours.

Digital Transformation is just a new type of phase in between the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution I was mentioned in previous posts and for those willing to dig up on the topic, I highly recommend reading few books on the topic such as:

Digital Laoban