The Elon Musk’s Six Productivity Rules
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The Elon Musk’s Six Productivity Rules


Have you ever been curious as to how Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is able to generate such amazing results? Even though his businesses are presently facing some difficulties, the accomplishments they have achieved are incredible. He has a basic productivity method that he employs to ensure that he stays ahead of the game, and he once revealed it to his staff in a letter.

#1 Cancel appointments

This is excellent. Musk claims that he will cancel meetings if he does not feel like he is adding value. He wrote in his letter that meetings are only worth it if the result is at least as valuable as the time invested in them. If you’re spending time on pointless meetings, cancel them and don’t tell anyone else!

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#2 Eliminate unnecessary repetitive meetings.

If you have a meeting scheduled every week, why not just skip it? Nothing is more time-wasting than a meeting that must take place but no one is required to attend. That includes meetings that you are obligated to attend but would rather not attend. There’s nothing productive about spending five minutes at a meeting where you aren’t interested. If you still have to go, prepare to depart as soon as possible. You’re not obliged to waste your time. You may sit there with your eyes open and your brain free. If you want to, you can even take notes. By being present and prepared to leave as quickly as possible, you may make the most of your time and use it effectively.

#3 If you’re not adding anything to the discussion, leave the meeting.

There’s a difference between attending and contributing. You can be in a meeting but does it always worth it if you don’t contribute? But if, when the meeting is over, you weren’t able to add value to the discussion, then you just wasted the only ressources you cannot buy. Basically it could apply to colleagues in the same situation as you too.

#4 Forget buzzword

Elon Musk said that jargon reduces true communication and makes things more convoluted than they need to be. Drop those buzzwords. Avoiding simple expressions makes no sense should not be used in business. Keep things simple. If you rely on those expressions all the time, it’s time to eradicate them from your vocabulary. You don’t need to be an expert in a subject to be able to speak in a language that everyone understands.

#5 Direct communication, regardless of hierarchy.

Many communication problems in companies come from people who are afraid to speak their minds or from people who don’t know-how. You can’t be concerned about what others think of you or your place in the company. You have to be authentic when you communicate with other people. You should communicate what you want without worrying about the consequences.

#6 Following rules rather than logic is a recipe for failure.

What you do is what counts, not what you do according to a set of rules. The most effective productivity system isn’t one that requires you to follow a series of guidelines; instead, it’s about doing the things that make you more productive. You have to use logic and common sense when making decisions. If you want something done, then you need to be willing to do it yourself.

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In the end there are no productivity rules that you must adhere to in order to be successful. There is simply a matter of developing productivity habits. It’s not about the final result; it’s all about the journey.

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